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Hey 👋

I am doing agility since 2009 - I started with my mix breed Mia a rescue dog in medium size and got agility addicted 😂

Then I got 3 Border collies Beau, Chi and Itzi - and after 3 border collies I fell in love with a Working cocker - and got Rosalie - she is medium size.

As I am still in love with border collies I got 2 more - from my own litter with Chi .

All my dogs are very different to work with and I love to find out how to become the best team with each of them and how to support their strength 💪

As I am now mother of 2 children (2020 and 2023) I am not travelling a lot for agility - and have not the time to train enough nor a good  fitness level myself  - but I am so proud I even won a run in German AWC Qualifications in 9 months pregnant 😂

It shows all is possible when the dog works for you as a great team partner .

Now I try to come slowly back on track in my fitness to help the dogs as much as they help me all the time in the course 💪

Biggest achievements:

🥇German Champion and German Classics Champion Individual and Team many times with different dogs (for example 2019 Individual Large 🥇Itzi  and 🥈Chi)

🥇 German Border Collie Championship with Vis 2023

🥉 German Border Collie Championship with Yippie 2023

🥇 Gold Rush Competition 2022 with Vis

🥇Prague Agility Open Winner 2022 with Vis

🥈 Vice FCI World Champion Team 2019 and 2017  

🥇Norwegian Open Winner 2018

🥇Amadeus World Cup 2014 and 2018

🥈Vize World Champion Individual 2018 with Itzi  

🥇 European Open Champion Team 2018

🥈 European Open Champion Individual 2017

🥇 World Champion Individual 2016 with Chi

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