Jordi Boix

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24 years

About me

I'm Jordi, I started doing Agility when I was 7 years old. During these 24 years, I have been competing in different countries with my three dogs: two medium and one large, representing Spain seven times in AWC and six times in EO.

I just love Agility: it is my passion and part of my life. This sport made me what I am now, and it brought me love back after meeting my partner and best friends around the world.

I am hooked on competing and training, but analyzing every line and every move is my addiction. That's why ten years ago I decided to become a judge. I started my career in the UK and, three years later, I became a judge also in Spain. During these years, I have been judging in most of European countries, FCI competitions, tryouts and Opens.

As a judge and a trainer, I try to design challenging and fluent coursers where handlers and dogs can perform it at top speed, in the safest possible way.

As a judge, my aim is to be part of the evolution of Agility, improving the sport to make it more competitive, spectacular, faster and safer for handlers and dogs.

Agility is about dreams, love and passion. But, for me, the best part is after the last jump, where the happy faces of dog and handler meets.

Biggest events:

Polish open - 2024

Janakkala Open -2024

Mexico National Cup -2023

Sweden AWC/EO tryouts - 2023

Gåsahoppet Open - 2023

Italy AWC/EO tryouts (S/M) - 2023

Italy AWC/EO tryouts (L) - 2023

Italy WAO tryouts - 2023

Verbano challenge - 2022

What is Online Agility Training

2023 - 2024?

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Course designer
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About me

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