Daniel Walz

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16 years

About me

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Walz, I am 33 years old and together with my partner and our six dogs we live in the southwest of Germany. I have been actively involved in dog sports since 2003, initially in the areas of puppies, companion dogs and obedience training. I have been practicing agility since 2007, and in the following years I have attended and led various courses in the areas of obedience and agility.

As an active dog sportsman I was several times at FCI events like AWC and EO to support the German team as a spectator. In order to constantly expand my knowledge in agility and to be able to make a positive impact on the further development of the sport, I decided in 2016 to train as an agility judge. The apprenticeship began in 2017 and in 2021 the FCI judge status followed.

Within a very short time, I was allowed to judge the highest events in Germany and can now look back on 5 years of judging more than 250 national and international competitions.

It gives me pleasure to design courses that contain fluid, round but also technical passages and that are guided on the ideal line to highlight teams that not only deal intensively with lead technique but also from the dog training and skills of the dogs.

Biggest events:

German Championship 2021
B.A.C.K. 2022
Helvetic Agility Masters 2022
Norwegian Open 2022
Polish Open 2023
Hungarian Open 2023
AWC/EO Tryouts Germany 2023
Border Collie Classic 2023
Border Collie Classic 2024
European Open 2024
World Agility Open 2026

What is Online Agility Training

2023 - 2024?

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Course designer
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About me

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